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Gy-openlog cleanflight naze32 F3 blackbox flash recorder

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Gy-openlog cleanflight naze32 F3 blackbox flash recorder development module

Product Description:

This product is a data recorder, which can be recorded on the memory card through the universal serial port of UART. This function is similar to the black box to record the data sent to the serial port by the main device, and the data is stored in the memory card in the form of text. This product can be used in the flight control board with cleanflight firmware, connected to the corresponding serial port, through the upper computer software cleanflight configurator settings, can realize the important operation data of UAV recorded on the memory card. And replay the flight record by Blackbox flight data recorder software.

Note: after the first memory card is plugged in, the config.txt file will be produced on the memory card, in which the baud rate parameters of the serial port can be changed. This parameter can be modified, and the serial baud rate of the flight control or main circuit is consistent with the baud rate of the recorder.



  • The input voltage is 3.3V~12V (recommended as 3.3V~5V)
  • Memory format is FAT32, which supports maximum 64GB memory
  • UART serial interface
  • Baud rate adjustable
  • The default bootloader is pro Mini atmega328P 5V 16mhz


Technical parameters:

1. supports storage to fat16/fat32 format TF card, the storage capacity can reach 32G

2. has a simple command line interface

3. change the config file in the TF card on the computer (if it is a new card, the first time after the card is plugged in, that will automatically create the config file), you can change settings, such as baud rate. You can change the serial port settings without using any special tools to use your requirements.

4. three modes: new, add, command

5. baud rate can set 300-1000000bps

6. the minimum connection to ensure the operation is VCC, GND, RX

7. two LED lights indicate the running status

8. input voltage 3.3V to 12V, the best 3.3 to 5V.

9. idle current 2mA, maximum recording rate of 6ma.

10. length 20mm x width 15mm x height 5mm


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