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Buffered systems series  

The BUFFERED SYSTEMS series includes modules and power supplies used in uninterruptable power systems and battery powered portable systems. Products are designed to ensure long battery life and reliable source to the powered equipment.

If you can't see the device you're looking for, please contact us and and we'll discuss the options for it to be released, or we'll lead you to a product with similar functionality that can handle your needs.

BUFFERED SYSTEMSProtection boards for Lead-acid batteries

Battery protection boards in a buffered system (PSU-battery-load) ensure proper battery usage parameteres. These modules protect from overcharge, deep discharge, overload and short-circuit, charger polarity mismatch and battery polarity mismatch. Switching is done by MOSFET transistors providing no limits to module's life. When overload ot deep discharge protection is activated, module's consumption is neglectable making it possible to stay in this condition for long periods of time. The list modules are specially designed for 12V lead-acid batteries.

  Model Battery Nominal current Features
BPB-12-5 12V lead-acid 5A • MOSFET transistor switching
• <40uA consumption when battery is discharged
• <150uA consumption in full working condition
BPB-12-10 12V lead-acid 10A
BPB-12-15 12V lead-acid 15A

BUFFERED SYSTEMSDeep discharge protection relays for Lead-acid batteries

Deep discharge protection relays are also used in buffered systems to protect the battery life degrading which can be caused by a deep discharge. They use electromechanical relay for switching and cover wider range of battery volatges - 12V, 24V, 48V. A large variety of models is available, including fixed turn on/turn off levels suitable for the most of applications, and adjustable levels which give you the ability to precisely select the level voltages for your application. Two current ratings of relays can be selected and there also versions providing external relay connection.

In addition to their basic function of protecting the battery from deep discharge, the proposed relays can also be used as voltage detectors. Can be connected as a daytime running light (DRL) switch in a car, can be used in reserved systems to activate a diesel or petrol generator at a certain battery condition.

  Model Battery Nominal current ON/OFF threshold
12V lead-acid 5A,
12V / 10V
BPR-12-10R 12V lead-acid 10A adjustable
BPR-12-EXT 12V lead-acid external relay adjustable
12V lead-acid 5A,
13.6V / 13.0V
24V lead-acid 5A,
24V / 20V
BPR-24-10R 24V lead-acid 10A adjustable
BPR-24-EXT 24V lead-acid external relay adjustable
BPR-48-5F 48V lead-acid 5A 48V / 42V
BPR-48-5R 48V lead-acid 5A adjustable

BUFFERED SYSTEMSChargers with 230V AC input voltage

The power supply unit POS-60-12-CHARGER is suitable for operation in buffer mode in combination with a Deep discharge protection relay or a protection board. It charges the battery and provides power to the load while AC voltage is available from the grid. In an event of a power outage, the load is powered by the battery through the protection relay or board. It can be used both to provide a continuous power supply for rare grid outages, and in cyclic mode when the voltage is supplied at certain time intervals (for example, street lighting). The output voltage, which is the maximum charge voltage of the battery, can be adjusted in range from 11.3V to 14.8V, allowing the technician to select the appropriate voltage according to the expected mode.

  Model Input Output Features
POS-60-12-CHARGER 115/230V AC 13.8V / 5A • charge voltage adjustment
• aluminum case

BUFFERED SYSTEMSEnd-point converters with DC-UPS feature

On higher voltage lines it may be necessary to use a local UPS at the load point in certain cases. The V16-14R, V16-28R and V16-5R models provide this function using an external lead-acid 12V battery of your choice. They can also be very useful when powering equipment which peak current exceeds the average - for example, GSM/GPRS communicators. In this case, a power module with a relatively low average power can be installed, at peak times the current will be drawn from the battery, and in the rest of the time the battery will be recharged. Devices are provided with deep battery discharge protection and input to output isolation.

  Model Input Output Isolation
Transferter V16-14R 35-190V DC
25-135V AC
13.8V / 0.9A (battery+load),
Total power: 13W,
Deep discharge protection: 10V
yes, 1000V DC
Transferter V16-28R 27.6V / 0.5A (battery+load),
Total power: 13W,
Deep discharge protection: 20V
yes, 1000V DC
Transferter V16-5R Battery: 13.8V, load: 5V/1.2A,
Total power: 13W,
Deep discharge protection: 10V
yes, 1000V DC