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LED Lighting series  

The LED lighting series consists of constant current drivers, constant voltage power converters and other specific devices related to LED lighting and its control.

If you can't see the device you're looking for, please contact us and and we'll discuss the options for it to be released, or we'll lead you to a product with similar functionality that can handle your needs.

LED LightingLED drivers powered by solar systems or car onboard voltage

Listed power supplies are specially designed to operate at low battery voltages of solar systems or vehicle onboard 12V/24V. Drivers are designed for installation in lighting fixtures and projectors, garden and street lighting fixtures with a solar panel. They can also be used for additional projectors for off-road vehicles, agricultural and construction equipment.

They can be made with a logic ENABLE input to be managed by an external controller without the need of switching large currents. This reduces assembly cost of a complex system while increasing its reliability. Embedded protections, high efficiency and very low power consumption in disable mode meet all requirements for direct connection to battery sources.

  Model Input Output Features
10-32V DC 350mA @ 5-60V,
700mA @ 5-60V
• no isolation
• output current adjustment
• overload ans short circuit protection
• no load protection
• input low and high voltage protection
• reverse polarity protection
• ENABLE input
• <100uA consumption in disable mode
ILD-25-1050 1050mA @ 5-25V
350mA @ 5-60V,
700mA @ 5-60V
ILD-35-1050 1050mA @ 5-35V
350mA @ 5-60V,
700mA @ 5-60V
ILD-50-1050 1050mA @ 5-35V

LED LightingLED drivers for long cable lines or 36-144V emergency power batteries

These power modules are designed to operate from medium AC or DC voltages 42, 48, 60, 80 or more over long cable lines, in elevators, electric cars or railway locomotives with on-board installation 36-144V. They are designed for installation in lighting fixtures and projectors, garden and street lighting fixtures.

  Model Input Output Features
40-90V DC 350mA @ 5-60V,
700mA @ 5-60V,
1050mA @ 5-60V
• isolation
• output current adjustment
• overload and short circuit protection
• no load protection
• input low and high voltage protections
• reverse polarity protection
350mA @ 5-60V,
700mA @ 5-60V,
1050mA @ 5-60V
70-190V DC 350mA @ 5-60V,
700mA @ 5-60V,
1050mA @ 5-60V
350mA @ 5-60V,
700mA @ 5-60V,
1050mA @ 5-60V
40-90V DC 12V @ 2.5A,
24V @ 1.6A
70-190V DC 12V @ 2.5A,
24V @ 1.6A

LED LightingLED strip voltage regulators

LED strip regulators are converters designed to safely power LED strips from a 12V, 24V vehicle onboard voltage, solar systems or other battery power supplies where the voltage varies with battery charge. Listed converters maintain an output voltage not exceeding the nominal for the LED strip, thus ensuring proper operation. Models with 12V output support a wider input voltage, allowing them to be used to power 12V LED strips in trucks and buses with 24V on-board voltage.

  Model Input Output Features
LL12-3 12-30V DC 12V/3A  
LL24-3 24-30V DC 24V DC  
LL12-1 12-20V DC 12V/1A  

LED LightingInrush current switching protections

The SS230V Series Protections are designed for LED strip switching power supplies or LED drivers from a wall light switch or a control unit relay. Due to their design, switch mode power supplies have a very large inrush current (often up to 50-60A), which is beyond the capabilities for standard lighting switches and most relays. This leads to a spark in their contacts and rapid wearing. To solve this problem, the proposed protections turn on the voltage to the power supply when the grid network voltage goes trough the zero value of the sine wave.

Hybrid relay SHR-1800E uses the capabilities of switching protections SS230V and adds the ability to control with an isolated optocoupler input. This control input supports wide input voltage range and can be operated both by 5V processors and 24V industrial controllers.

The PN-230 terminators allow the use of illumination switches to control LED drivers and LED or CCFL (fluorescent) energy saving lamps. These modules are placed in patrallel to the LED driver or CCFL bulb to privide low resistance path for switch illumination current in OFF mode and automatically turn turn themselves off when power is switched on.

  Model Input Output Features
Switching protection SS230V-5A 230V AC 5A / 1.2kW zero cross turn on
Комутационна защита SS230V-10A 230V AC 10A / 2.4kW zero cross turn on
Hybrid relay SHR-1800E 230V AC 8A / 1.8kW • zero cross turn ON and OFF
• opto isolated control input 5-55V DC
Terminator PN-230 230V AC 20mA - ill.
<1W @ 230V

LED LightingSensors

The LS24-6 light sensor can be used in both 12 and 24 volt systems. It is equipped with a potentiometer for adjusting the ambient light level at which the output will be activated. Day or night mode can be slected by jumper to activate the output in a dark or bright environment. This feature is useful for activating additional advertising lighting after the main lighting in a store is powered or to activate any equipment based on ambient light.

  Model Input Output Features
LS24-6 10-30V DC switched negative,
• light level adjustment
• Day/Night mode selection

LED LightingEmergency LED drivers

Emergency lighting drivers are in the process of being developed, both for constant current LEDs and for constant voltage LED strips with PWM control.